E-Commerce Website Development

We are an E-Commerce Development Agency located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We provide quality experience for online users browsing through your E-Commerce stores. Our goal is to bring functions and features that benefits your online stores in your respective industries.

Setting Your KPIs

It is important to first understand the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) across your E-Commerce stores. Using these KPIs, we will set feasible objectives to track the success rate of your online store once it is up and running. We will conduct an in-depth study of each product or services to have a good idea of your brand’s Unique Selling Point (USP).

This includes auditing the number of products or services combined with the number of categories involved. Our goal here is to analyse the solutions or contribution each item brings to your target customers. Next, we will identify your target customers on whether they are household consumers, retailers or distributors.

Discussing Major Deliverables

The next phase involves understanding the business needs you seek with an E-Commerce website. We will present suggestions across the types of strategies that is possible in achieving good conversion rate. This includes website features like coupons, newsletters, payment gateway and shipping tracker that enables upselling and/or cross-selling measures that leads to high revenue. We will identify the suitable E-Commerce platform for your business, either WordPress + WooCommerce or Magento that meets your budget and business needs.

Building A Connection

We will develop a funnel that encourages your users to make a purchase. Your online store will be built with social media integration as well to connect with your audience. As part of Facebook marketing, we will install a Facebook pixel code and relevant Facebook events code to track activities on your site for retargeting in the future. We will ensure the flow enables users to build a connection with your brand.

Developing With Options To Scale

We develop your E-Commerce websites that are smooth and organized within the shopping experience. This is inclusive of a safe and secure path for users to conduct online transaction with our premium security features designed to prevent common hacking activities. We will provide options to scale for your brands especially in extending product lines or services. Our work continues after your E-Commerce store goes live as well as we will evaluate to see if the features and content are clear and engaging for your users.

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