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We Are A Social Media Agency Based In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
We are focused in helping brands reach out to their target audience through social media reach to achieve brand awareness.

Understanding Your Objectives

Your goals and objectives matter to us. As a digital marketing agency, we first assess what you seek the most across social media marketing. It can cover a range of areas such as brand awareness or engagement. The idea is to firmly understand your current situation. That will allow us to creatively analyse a suitable approach for you.

Plus, your past actions and approach will be analysed to plan the next step wisely. This enables us to understand the common challenges to better prepare our strategies for you. Most importantly, your target audience will be identified across social interests and behaviours. This will enable strategic content planning efforts to be carried out.


Our social media agency strategy is to build upon customer personas to understand their backgrounds and current needs. We will then visualize the solutions your brand brings satisfying user needs. Then, the focus is to have an idea on the types of social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram that these customers frequent. By building these customer personas, we will be able to project laser focus targeting to the right audience.

A traffic funnel will later be prepared to fulfil your objectives. In fact, we will explore other ways inclusive of influencer marketing or a dedicated landing page combined with newsletter subscription to maximize the potential in seizing user attention.

Content & Creatives

As a digital marketing agency with a decade worth of experience, we constantly apply best practices in our work. For example, ad contents created must be relevant to the target audience to achieve positive engagement. We will dive deeper where we will carefully select titles, imageries and/or videos that is true to your brands to capture audience attention.

Every single piece needs to be consistent and connected to your brand. Plus, our content and creatives will be presented to you for approval before these strategies are executed. In other words, you will always be involved in our process to understand our mechanisms every step along the way.

Campaign Execution

You will be provided with strong support from us as a social media agency. We will closely observe the ads where ad campaigns will undergo daily monitoring and updates. To be specific, ads will be tested and evaluated to see what works best. We will ensure the traffic funnel is working well with proper flow and management.

Upon retrieving your custom audience, we will do retargeting across these audience. Furthermore, we will gather lookalike audience to do retargeting efforts. Our strategies are focused across delivering efficient results. And this will be done while using the ad budget in a wise manner.

Reporting The End Result

We will provide a thorough report that covers the overall campaign performance. We will review the success rate to see if it meets the initial objective. When you choose us as your preferred social media agency, you will be getting the whole package of our service. We will advise you on the next step across your social media marketing strategies.

In other words, we will give you the bigger picture that enables effective actions in the future. Plus, we would be more than willing to assist you across doubts or inquiries you may have. The main goal here is for you as our client, to be comfortable and happy in the way we deliver our efforts for you.

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