5 Tips to Respond to Customer Inquiries on Facebook Messenger to Maximize Conversions


In this blog article, you will master 5 effective ways to respond to customer inquiries on Facebook Messenger to move them down the sales funnel faster and make them paying customers.

Let’s get started!

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Why Is It Important to Respond to Customer Inquiries?

Hooray! You have received a few inquiries about your products/services on Facebook Messenger.

You have been spending days planning your sales funnel, setting up your Facebook ads and probably fine-tuning your ads, hoping to target the right audience.

And now, your hard work has finally paid off!

Earning leads is a good sign telling you that your ads are targeting the right people. However, this is just the first step.

The key to converting them into paying customers greatly depends on how you respond to their inquiries.


Here’s why responding to customer inquiries is a must.


To build a positive online reputation for your business

A quick and helpful response makes your customers feel like they are important and will leave a positive impression on them.


To prevent bad reviews on your business

Customers who don’t receive replies from a business will feel like they are neglected. This ruins their customer experience, which they will likely leave negative reviews on your business.


To allow room for improvement for your business

Sometimes customer inquiries tell you which aspect of your products/services is not clear enough. You get to understand how you can improve the way you sell your products/services.

5 Tips to Respond to Customer Inquiries on Facebook Messenger

Tip 1: Always be responsive

Ever noticed that there’s a section on your Facebook page that indicates your response time?


  • Very responsive to messages
  • Typically replies within minutes
  • Typically replies within an hour
  • Typically replies within a day

Your page’s response time tells your customers how fast you’re likely to reply to their inquiries.


Tip 2: Set up automated responses

Facebook Messenger bots are definitely great helpers to speed up your marketing funnel. They:

  • Automatically send your questions & answers.
  • Allow customers to respond quickly by clicking a CTA button.

Although Messenger bots really make your life easier by responding to customer inquiries automatically, you can’t really depend on them 100%.


  • Make sure your bot is set to handle questions it’s able to handle.
  • Make sure the messages are straight to the points to save customers’ time.
  • Don’t completely eliminate human connection. Some complex questions will still require you to answer!

Tip 3: Personalize your message


Tip 4: No hard sell in the beginning

It’s a good thing when your page attracts leads coming in to enquire about your products/services.

However, it’s important to know that hardselling is more likely to scare them away, especially when they are not familiar with your products/services and they are being skeptical about your business.


Try to warm up with them first, by understanding their needs and wants. After gaining trust from them, recommend them the best & most suitable offer that you can provide to them.

Remember, be polite, honest and ethical. That’s how you build long term relationships with them.

Tip 5: Remember to follow up.

Sometimes it’s indeed frustrating that customers did not reply after you’ve offered them something attractive.

However if we look at their purchase journey, it is possible that:

  • They need time to plan their budget allocation.
  • They need to refer to the main decision maker.
  • They are searching for your competitors who might be offering a better promotion.

……and many other possibilities.

Or, they simply have forgotten about you.

What you can do is to follow up with them regularly and let them know that you are sincere in offering them your products/services. If possible, offer some unexpected promotion to entice them to take quick action.


Here Are The Key Takeaways

  1. Be quick when you respond to customer inquiries because they want to feel important.

  2. Use chatbots to reply to inquiries but take over the communication manually where human connection is required.

  3. Personalize your message so that your customers know that there’s a real person behind the brand they can talk to.

  4. Hardselling scares your customers away. Take time to nurture them before converting them.

  5. Follow up with your customers regularly to keep them interested in your products/services.

Start experimenting with these tips on your customers today.

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