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Digital Marketing Audit

Digital Marketing Audit

Magnus Digital is a data-driven digital agency based in KL Malaysia. We provide digital marketing audit services including website audit, SEO audit and social media audit for brands that wish to improve their digital marketing effort.

Assess the Health & Performance of Your Website and Social Media
Through Our Professional Digital Marketing Audit

Before you start planning strategies to improve your digital marketing effort, it is necessary to conduct digital marketing audit on your brand’s digital marketing presence, including its website, its ranking on the search engine as well as its social media platforms. A thorough audit enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your digital marketing strategies and gives you some insights on how to make improvements for a better digital presence.

If you need some professional advice to evaluate your brand’s digital marketing performance, Magnus Digital is the right agency to help you. Our team consists of qualified web designers & developers, experienced SEO experts and skillful social media specialists who are ready to empower you with our data-driven insights.

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Here is how we will do it.

Website Audit Service

Decipher Ways to Provide a Better User Experience Through Our in-Depth Website Audit

Equipped with professional analytics tools and a keen eye for details, we will let you have an unobstructed view of your website’s overall performance. Our website audit involves examining your website’s structure & layout, site loading speed, user interface & experience, mobile-friendliness and security. We pinpoint what is currently doing well and what should be improved to enhance its performance, reduce bounce rate and generate more returning visitors. 

Gaining a deep understanding of your website enables your brand to be one step ahead in the process of crafting a better experience for your website visitors.

SEO Audit Service

Discover Your Website’s Potential to Gain Higher SEO Ranking Through Our Insight-Driven SEO Audit

The journey of maximizing your visibility on the search engine starts with a SEO audit, and we’ll guide you through the everchanging landscape of Google algorithm. Through proven SEO analytics tools, we focus on aspects that influence your ranking like site speed, mobile friendliness, indexing problem, backlinks, website architecture, duplicated content and keywords.

Empowered by our valuable insights with suggestion for improvement, your website will stand a good chance to gain better ranking on the search engine.

Social Media Audit Service

Explore Strategies to Earn Better Social Media Presence Through Our Detailed Social Media Audit

Social media is all about your audience and what they are interested to see. Hence, we first get a solid grasp of your audience by understanding their demographics, interests and behaviors. We also conduct an in-depth analysis on your social media page performance including the total number of posts published, weekly posting frequency, engagement rate, best performing content type as well as least performing content type.

With our data-driven insights, you get to explore fresh approaches to your brand’s social media strategy to achieve your brand goals more effectively.

Ready to level up your brand’s digital marketing effort?

Why Work With Us?

We believe every brand should be empowered by the right insights to stay competitive in its industry. With our experience and mastery of the digital marketing, we are committed to help your brand to stay ahead of its game.

We have only one goal: To see your brand earns high-quality audience/customers and establishing long-lasting relationships with them through strategic digital marketing.

These Are What Make Us the Trusted Digital Agency in KL, Malaysia.

These Are What Make Us the Trusted Digital Agency in KL, Malaysia.

Digital Marketing Audit 1

Experienced team

Digital Marketing Audit 2

Equipped with latest
digital tools

Digital Marketing Audit 3

Deep understanding of
different industries

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Digital Marketing Audit 5

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Frequently Asked Questions


Our price may vary according to your requirement. We first seek to understand your brand objective. This enables us to have a better idea of what to focus on in the auditing process.


We have extensive experience performing audit for industries like F&B, financial sector, health care, consumer goods, professional services, tourism, car tinting and many more. Being versatile enables us to handle your brand with confidence.


Yes. If you opt for our website design & development service, SEO service, social media management/marketing service or any other services, your brand will be supported monthly with our strategic digital solution.

We have been in the industry for 10 years. We used to provide only web design and development service for our clients. 3 years ago, we expanded our company and continue to provide the same service with our other services such as SEO, social media management, social media marketing and many more.
Your enquiry matters to us. We will respond to your enquiry within the same day.
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