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We are a social media agency based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We establish a winning social media presence and foster lasting customer relationships for your brand.

A Passionate Social Media Agency in Malaysia
That Is Excited to Help Your Brand Communicates Its Stories

Your potential customers are spending time on social media more than ever right now. In the era where customers can retrieve any information with a tap of a finger, social media is no longer just about promoting your products/services.

To stand out from your competitors who are equally ambitious to gain your customers’ attention, you need to build authentic and meaningful relationships with your customers on social media. As a leading social media agency in KL Malaysia, Magnus Digital is here to help bridge the gap between your brand and your target audience with excellent social media strategies.

Here is how we will do it.

Your Target Audience Will Be Our Priority

No mind-guessing games. Our team dives deep into your industry to discover valuable audience insights.

Our first step of navigating you through the complex social media world: We give you a holistic idea of what your audience wants to see from you. From demographic data to their interests on social media to their social media behaviors, we collect valuable information and analyze them to create customer personas with clear goals and pain points. This allows us to craft social media messages that speak to their interests.

Impress Your Audience With Meaningful Content

Forget about promoting your products/services all the time. You are here with us to make content people keep coming back for.

As the best social media management agency in Malaysia, we strive to explore different types of Facebook and Instagram content that enable your page to gain more likes, comments and shares. From tips & guides to latest social media trends to touching human stories, we empower your content with engaging copywriting and innovative design. With the right strategies backed by data and experience, we put your brand ahead of the game in the cut-throat world of social media.

Build a Loyal Social Community Who Buys From You

As an experienced social media agency in Malaysia, we build lasting relationships with your audience which benefits your brand’s conversion rate.

Before you can convert your audience into buying customers, you need them to share the same interest, belief and value with your brand – We’ve got your covered. Instead of trying to impress a big group who are not dedicated to your brand, we nurture a small group of engaged followers on a personal level. By applying out-of-the-box strategies like creative hashtag campaigns, social media contests and interactive Facebook & Instagram stories, we enable your brand to form deeper connections with these followers who are more likely to purchase from you.   

Social Media Management Backed by Essential Metrics

With premium social media analytic tools and a keen eye for detail, we’ll constantly improve your brand’s social media page.

When you trust your social media page with us, we promise that we’ll never settle for average results. By leveraging on the key social media metrics like reach, engagement rate, followers, number of positive feedback (reactions, comments, shares) and negative feedback (post hides, reports, unlikes), we will keep modifying and improving our content plan until we achieve the results both of us are proud of. By working with the trusted social media agency in Malaysia, your social media page will be in good hands.

Monthly Reports That Keep You Updated All the Time

We believe you should always be aware of your social media page’s growth for you to make better business decisions.

That’s why every month, we will prepare a performance report to provide you a more complete picture of your social media page’s achievement and aspects to be improved throughout the month. We see your vision as ours too. Hence, we’d love to involve you to discuss plans to achieve a better performance in the next month. Say goodbye to those agencies who keep you in the dark about how your social media page performs. With Magnus Digital, your social media page will be managed to the highest level of quality.  

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