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Nurture, Engage,

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Social Media Marketing Agency Malaysia

We are a social media marketing agency based in Kuala lumpur, Malaysia. We generate quality leads and maximize conversion for your brand on social media with winning social media marketing strategies.

Leverage the Power of Social Media to Grow Your Brand
With the Leading Social Media Marketing Agency in Malaysia

Social media marketing is far more than just advertising your brand with a product shot and a salesy copywriting. It is about leveraging on your audience insights and crafting a personalized message that speaks to their heart. A great social media campaign overcomes the declining audience attention span and provides your audience a valuable brand experience. This allows for higher social media engagement and off course, more quality leads and higher conversion rate.

Venturing into social media marketing alone can be quite a challenge. Besides identifying your audience needs, the constantly changing Facebook & Instagram algorithm can also be a tough nut to crack. Hence, you need someone professional to execute your social media marketing strategy to the highest level of quality.

Let Magnus Digital give you a hand. As a trusted social media marketing company in Malaysia, we are ready to elevate your brand’s social media marketing plan to the next level.

Here is how we will do it.

Have a Clear Idea of
Your Objectives

A strategy is nothing without a clear objective. Our collaborative process starts with understanding your business goals.

As a result-driven social media marketing agency in Malaysia, we first assess what your brand wants to achieve with social media marketing. We conduct thorough analysis of your industry and your competitors to decipher how we can help achieve your objective in a way that puts you ahead of your game.

Whether you aim to grow brand awareness, increase brand engagement or generate leads, our team will provide you an unobstructed view of your brand’s potential.

Focus on the Right
Target Audience

We immerse ourselves in your industry to discover valuable audience insights you may not have discovered before.

Working with us allows you to gain a better understanding of what your target audience wants from you. Our extensive experience in social media marketing enables us to accurately navigate your audience’s demographic data, their social media interests and behaviors.

By developing clear customer personas, winning your audience with highly personalized ad campaigns is completely possible. 

Nurture Your Audience With
a Winning Ad Funnel

Nurture Your Audience With a Winning Ad Funnel

Persuading your audience to buy your product/service can be tricky - but with our expertise, we’d love to take on the challenge.

Your audience does not wake up early in the morning and decides: “I’m going to buy your product.” But with an effective Facebook/Instagram ad funnel, we guide your audience through the buyer’s journey and encourage them to take the desired action at every stage, from being aware of your product to showing interest in it, all the way to being convinced enough to buy your product.

When you work with us, we strive to position your brand as the best solution for your audience with an authentic & non-pushy approach. This is why we are a trusted social media marketing agency in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Cut Through the Noise With
Excellent Copy & Design

Cut Through the Noise
With Excellent
Copy & Design

In an age where the first impression is the last impression, we make sure your ads are creative enough to stand out.

With your brand identity in mind, we will develop a consistent style and tone to your brand’s graphic design as well as the copywriting. This will be applied across both your brand’s Facebook and Instagram ads. We will also utilize interactive ad formats like Canvas Ads, Carousel Ads & Stories Ads to give your audience an engaging, memorable brand experience.

By trusting your brand with us, stopping your audience from scrolling and making them pay attention to your ads is no longer a fantasy.

Monitor Your Ads Closely
for Ultimate Success

You will still be provided with strong support from us as a social media marketing company Malaysia even after the ads are launched.

We know you don’t want to see your budget go to waste. That’s why we perform daily monitoring to ensure ads are running smoothly and attracting the right audience. You can rest assured that you won’t be spending on the underperforming ads. We will regularly fine-tune the ads based on metrics like Reach, Engagement, Cost Per Result & Link Clicks and apply precise retargeting strategy to ensure continuous engagement from potential customers.

 From launching to monitoring, your brand’s social media ad campaign will be in good hands.  

Keep You Updated With
Monthly Reports

We compile the metrics that matter in a clear and easy-to-understand way for you to keep track of your brand’s performance.

Through a comprehensive report that covers the overall campaign performance, we will review the data to see if we meet your initial goals like high engagement rate, high page views and high conversion rate. You will be receiving advice on the next step across your social media marketing strategies. Plus, we would be more than willing to assist you across doubts or inquiries you may have.

Throughout the collaboration, we ensure you are always aware of your brand’s achievement on social media. This is our final goal as your dedicated social media marketing agency in Malaysia.

Ready to achieve your marketing goals more effectively on social media?

Why Work With Us?

We want nothing more than to see your brand achieving all your business goals via social media marketing, including gaining more reach and engagement, earning quality leads as well as converting them. 

We are committed to execute your brand’s social media campaign with full passion and expertise. 

These Are What Make Us a Professional Social Media Marketing Agency in KL, Malaysia

Social Media Marketing Agency 1

Experience across different industries

Social Media Marketing Agency 2

Creative copywriters

Social Media Marketing Agency 3

Innovative designers

Social Media Marketing Agency 4

Data-driven insights

Social Media Marketing Agency 5

Transparent in performance and reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Our price may vary according to your social media marketing objectives and the industry you are in. We will first understand what you seek to achieve through social media marketing (higher reach and engagement, higher traffic, higher conversion rate etc). Then, we will analyse your industry and its target audience in order to quote you based on how we can best help you.
We have extensive experience handling social media campaigns for industries like wellness, dental care, cosmetic, car tinting, apparel and beverage. This empowers us with the ability to adapt ourselves in your industry quickly and makes us the trusted social media marketing agency in Malaysia.
Yes, we perform monthly monitoring on your brand’s social media campaign. We are equipped with premium social media analytics tools to keep track of your brand campaign performance every month. Fine-tuning will be done for all ongoing ads to make sure they yield healthy ROI for your brand.

Yes, we can perform an audit on your brand’s social media ad campaign. We will conduct a deep analysis on all your past social media ad campaigns before coming up with strategies to improve the campaign performance. Please get in touch with us and we will guide you through.

We have been in the industry for 10 years. We used to provide only web design and development service for our clients. 3 years ago, we expanded our company and continue to provide the same service with our other services such as SEO, social media management, social media marketing and many more.
Yes. When you choose us as your preferred social media marketing agency in Malaysia, you will be provided with a monthly report covering the performance of your brand’s social media campaign and our professional advice to enhance the performance in the upcoming month.
Your enquiry matters to us. We will respond to your enquiry within the same day.
Please provide your name, contact number and email address here. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.



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