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We are a UI/UX Design Agency based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We focus on enhancing the user interface & user experience of your brand’s website to allow for better user interaction and a satisfying user experience.

A Top-Notch UI/UX Design Agency In Malaysia
That Helps Your Website To Win Lasting Impressions

A good UI/UX design is not just about being visually appealing. The core focus is still about providing your website users with an engaging, interactive and smooth user experience. In this distracting world with a shorter attention span, the difference between a website with an excellent UI/UX design and a website without lies in the ability to grab your users’ attention, give them an immersive experience that allows for connection and guide them to take your desired action.

To achieve all these goals, you need someone you can trust to handle your website’s UI/UX design to the highest level of quality. Let Magnus Digital guide you. As a trusted UI/UX design company in Malaysia with vast experience, we are here to help your website stand out from the crowd with our unparalleled UI/UX design.

Here is how we will do it.

Set the Right Mood
for Your UI/UX Design

As a bespoke UI/UX design agency in Malaysia, we make sure your website is designed with your brand’s art direction in mind.

We first involve you in our discussion to understand more about your brand, your industry and your users to get a solid grasp of how we can set a suitable mood that aligns with your brand identity and is able to create a desired emotion in your users. A moodboard demonstrating the fonts, languages, tones, colors, images, illustrations and icons used will be created as our guideline for our UI/UX design & development.

By collaborating with us, we ensure your website is presented with the right look and feel that are backed by data-driven insights.

Navigate Your Users’ Touchpoints
With a Wireframe

Navigate Your Users’ Touchpoints With a Wireframe

Providing your website users with a seamless browsing experience matters to us. We strive to execute it to the highest level of quality.

As an user-centric UI/UX design agency in Malaysia, we delve deep into your target users to define questions like who are your users, what device they use and how will they interact with your interface. With our expert understanding of end-user psychology, we visualize the design with a wireframe. We constantly put ourselves in the shoes of your users to answer whether the website is intuitive, engaging while being able to guide them towards achieving their goals.

We have only one goal: To ensure every page of your website provides a splendid user experience that contributes to conversions.

Bring the Concept Alive
With a Prototype

Prototyping is an important step we would never skip in order to examine the functionality and the user flow of the UI/UX design.

By leveraging professional UI/UX prototyping tools, we test every possible iteration of the design to provide you an insight of how your users would navigate your website. Upon discovering every little mistake that can potentially affect the user experience, we keep modifying the design until it performs the way we want it to be.

When you choose us as your preferred UI/UX design agency, you can rest assured that your website’s UI/UX design will be in good hands.

Test and Optimize for the
Best Possible Results

We ensure the UI/UX design is able to launch properly across all the devices to cater to all your users.

We will perform rigorous testing on your website to measure its usability, responsiveness and user-friendliness on devices like desktop, mobile and tablet. By leveraging on trusted analytics tools, we will enable you to have an unobstructed view of your users’ behaviours and feedback. All these insights are important for us to do fine-tunings in order to work towards a seamless experience for your users.

As a result-driven UI/UX design agency in Malaysia, nothing satisfies us than seeing your users enjoying their browsing experience on your website.

Ready to give your audience the best website experience?

Why Work With Us?

At Magnus Digital, our goal is to empower your brand’s website with the ability to catch and retain your audience’s attention. We are committed to present your website with an exceptional UI/UX design so that your brand can stay competitive in its industry. 

These Are What Make Us the Trusted UI/UX Design Agency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

UI/UX Design & Development Agency Malaysia 1

Skilled and experienced designers

UI/UX Design & Development Agency Malaysia 2

Equipped with latest design tools

UI/UX Design & Development Agency Malaysia 3

Deep understanding of different industries’ needs

UI/UX Design & Development Agency Malaysia 4

Award-winning work

UI/UX Design & Development Agency Malaysia 5

Focused on user satisfaction

Frequently Asked Questions

Our price may vary according to your objectives and design requirement. We will conduct a discussion with you to understand what you seek to achieve with a great UI/UX design. By having a better idea of the design and specifications needed to achieve your objectives, we can provide you with a better quotation.
We have created unparalleled UI/UX design for industries like F&B, financial sector, health care, consumer goods, professional services, home appliances and many more. Our extensive experience of designing UI/UX for different brands makes us the most versatile UI/UX design agency in Malaysia.
Yes. In fact, this is part of our UI/UX design service. Once we have completed the UI/UX design for your website, we will conduct rigorous testing and analysis to assess its performance and the experience it brought to your users. Revision and improvement will constantly be done to offer the best possible user experience.
Yes, we are more than happy to conduct an audit on your website’s UI/UX design and share with you how we would like to improve it. Please send us the link to your website and we will guide you from there.
We have been in the industry for 10 years. We used to provide only web design and development service for our clients. 3 years ago, we expanded our company and continue to provide the same service with our other services such as SEO, social media management, social media marketing and many more.
Yes. Based on the data obtained from tests and analysis, we will share with you some actionable insights on how we can improve your website’s UI/UX design to provide your users with the best experience.
Your enquiry matters to us. We will respond to your enquiry within the same day.
Please provide your name, contact number and email address here. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.



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