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We are a Creative Design UI/UX Agency based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
We focus our efforts in enhancing consumer experience for your users with design work set to attain customer satisfaction.

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Assessing Your Brand Identity

Our creative effort starts off by assessing your company’s brand story and identity. The initial goal is to fully understand the background of your company. Then, our creative graphic designers will start the process of visualising designs and elements that suits your brand. This is an important step where we will first have a clear vision of the core designs that are attached to your brand’s theme.

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Research From User Perspective

Now, we will view designs from a user perspective. We will observe the kind of emotions they have and how we can prepare matching creatives to connect with those emotions. Our work will include analysing the user’s perspective across your given industry. This process is done to create user personas that exist in your industry that will guide us in designing creatives that fits their personalities.

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Creating Design Map

Upon auditing, we will then create a design map that is relevant to your brand story. The design map allows us to understand design requirements that would be ideal for your platforms, whether on websites or apps. We will innovate the entire flow by understanding the scenarios your users go through. Designs established are to be elegant and engaging to the eye. Every Creative Design UI/UX developed is with a reason of adding value for users.  

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Engaging With Appeal

After going live, we will continuously explore your user behaviour and engagement. We will review the reception received. Our goal is to build design features that helps users while presenting a personalized experience to seize user attention.

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Skilled and experienced designers

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Equipped with latest design tools

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Deep understanding of different industries’ needs

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Award-winning work

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Focused on user satisfaction

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