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eCommerce Website Design Malaysia

We are the best eCommerce website design agency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We design & develop professional eCommerce websites with proven practices that maximize conversion rate and customer satisfaction.

Award-Winning eCommerce Website Design Malaysia

An Agency That Brings Glory To Its Clients

One thing our clients love about us: We treat their business goals like ours.

At Magnus, shooting for the stars is never enough. We always push ourselves and our clients to aim for the moon. Trust your brand with us and let’s not only meet your goals, but also exceed them with a Site of the Month award which enables your brand to stand out from your competition!

Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia - MWA Awards
Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia - MWA 2019 2020


Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia - MWA 2019 2020


Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia - MWA 2019 2020


Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia - MWA 2019 2020


Converting Your Visitors Into Customers Is Totally Possible.
With The Best eCommerce Website Design in Malaysia

Moving your brick-and-mortar business online is no longer optional. With 16.53 million Malaysians going online to shop today, it is completely necessary for you to have an eCommerce store to gain more market share and win more customers.

To keep up with the latest eCommerce trends and the ever-changing consumer behaviour, you need a trusted eCommerce web design agency with expertise and experience in various industries to guide you. Let Magnus Digital help you to explore your business potential in the eCommerce world.

Here is how we will do it.

Understanding Your Industry Matters To Us

We will first immerse ourselves in your industry to get a solid grasp of your products/services, your competitors and your consumers.

With our data-driven insights, you will know what you are up against and how you can position your brand better. If you already have a business plan in your mind, we will further sharpen it for you through our industry point of view as an eCommerce web design agency in Malaysia. We treat your KPIs as our own too as we come up with feasible objectives to track the success rate of your eCommerce store.

Represent Your Brand With Top-Notch Design

Fancy design with flashy features that serve no purpose? This is not something Magnus Digital would pursue for our clients.

We build your eCommerce store with a professional platform that suits your business, either WooCommerce, Magento or Shopify. If you need certain features to enhance your upselling and/or cross-selling measures, we will also provide recommendations on various features like coupons, newsletters, payment gateway and shipping solutions. Your business and budget needs will always be on top of our mind during the designing process.

Connect With Your Customers in Every Touchpoint

Your customers want a seamless browsing and buying experience. We’ll make sure your eCommerce store satisfies their needs.

Our vast experience in developing user-friendly eCommerce websites allows us to step into the shoes of your customers, pin down their behaviors and walk their paths. As a customer-centric eCommerce website design agency in KL Malaysia, we predict and influence your customers’ behaviors by implementing proven strategies to maximize your store’s conversion rate. We aim to provide a more enjoyable experience to your customers, which in turn drives them back over and over again.

SEO-Friendly Features That Ensure High Visibility

Having a top-grade eCommerce website design in Malaysia is not enough. You need a high visibility to ensure traffic and sales.

In the Internet era where eyeballs mean everything, we ensure your eCommerce website satisfies all the criterias to stand out from the crowd. By setting up RankMath on your eCommerce store, we will optimize your store’s structure, speed and performance based on industry best practices. Empowered by our winning strategies, your website will be competitive enough to get a good placement in Google search results page.

High Performance That Yields High Conversion Rate

A high performing eCommerce website allows for better connection and higher user satisfaction.

Your eCommerce website works for you 24/7. To ensure every part loads smoothly without errors, you need an agency to execute every aspect to the highest level of quality – And this is something Magnus Digital is really good at. We will perform a speed test to pinpoint the parts that need improvement. By performing optimization on the content, images and cache, we will help you achieve a site loading speed below 3 seconds. With a faster website, higher user engagement and conversion rate are totally possible.

Secured Platform for a Safer Shopping Experience

To build long-lasting customer trust, we will never settle for average website security that jeopardizes your customers’ transaction.

Your eCommerce website will be powered with advanced security features. We will set up a firewall to identify and block out malicious traffic that can steal your customers’ valuable information. We will also perform Content Delivery Network (CDN) security enhancement to strengthen the security of WordPress admin and bypass cache. Server security is another important aspect we take note in order to protect you and your users’ data. With a great attention to details, you can trust your eCommerce website with us.

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