Gen Z Marketing Strategies – Ace Gen Z Marketing With These 5 Tips!


In this blog article, you will learn how Gen Z sees, thinks and does things differently from Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y and how you can leverage Gen Z-related insights to craft marketing strategies that cater to their needs.

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Who are the Gen Z?

Why Do You Need to Prepare Gen Z Marketing Strategies Differently?

5 Proven Gen Z Marketing Strategies


Make your business more socially conscious

Following the decline of the COVID-19 cases during February 2021, the government allowed the reopening of many economic sectors except the cinemas.

Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), the largest Malaysian cinema company started #ReopenCinemas hashtag as a plea to the government to save the cinema industry.

This post has garnered 12k reactions, 835 comments and 2.2k shares, proving that people do show support to businesses that speak out the right opinions.


Customize your marketing strategies

Innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Serum 4.0 is a skincare product that caters to all skincare needs including dry skin, oily skin and sensitive skin.

Instead of combining every benefit under one post, it focused on one single need and its solution in every post so that it could offer a tailored experience to each audience.

To navigate Gen Z’s needs and wants accurately, it is unskippable to conduct a lot of research on insights and what’s trending among Gen Z.


Be there for Gen Z 24/7


Be visually creative and interactive

Netflix Malaysia knows exactly what Gen Z likes to watch. Instead of just doing ordinally static visuals, it leveraged the expandable format of IGTV for bite-sized TV series to entertain its audience and keep them engaged with the brand.

Have you noticed one more thing? Netflix Malaysia has never promoted its service and packages on social media. The key to winning more engagement on social media is to be more interactive and less salesy.

Let your content speak on behalf of your brand. It is all about the positive experience your audience gains from your brand. If your content is meaningful and brings value to your audience, they will eventually stick with your brand.


Approach them in an authentic way


Through this campaign, Julie’s Biscuits not only has increased its reach but also established meaningful connection with its audience.


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