TikTok Content Ideas – 5 Malaysia Brands & Their TikTok Engagement Strategies


In this blog article, you will learn one of the most important aspects of TikTok marketing – how to
increase the Engagement and the Virality of your TikTok content by studying 5 Malaysia brands
and their TikTok Engagement Strategies!

What Is TikTok?

Why should TikTok be part of your social media marketing?

If your brand’s target audience are senior citizens, then leaving TikTok out of your social media
marketing will not be a big issue. However, if your target audience are Gen Y and Millennials,
you should definitely hop onto TikTok really soon.

Learn TikTok Content Ideas from 5 Malaysia Brands & Their TikTok Engagement Strategies

Here, we have compiled 5 established brands in Malaysia and their TikTok content to give you
some inspiration for your TikTok engagement strategy. Let’s dive in deeper!

McDonald’s Malaysia is always known for its brilliant trend-riding content on Facebook as well
as cute illustration work on Instagram, but it achieved significant success too by tapping into
what the young generation usually do on TikTok.

#BigMacTiktok Contest


#bigmactiktok unleash your creativity to win prizes worth RM20,000🏆[4-31 Oct]

♬ original sound - McDonald's Malaysia

#RasaMcCafe Contest


Sip & pass on your #RasaMcCafe! Win up to RM10,000 cash! #ad

♬ BLIP BLOP - Official Sound Studio

#McDaebakChallenge Contest


Show your Daebak transformation in #McDaebak Challenge & win prizes worth RM10,000! #McDaebak #ad

♬ Clap - TikTok アシスタント

McDonald’s #BigMacTiktok Contest, #RasaMcCafe Contest and #McDaebakChallenge Contest have one thing in common: These campaigns brought out the entertainers inside the young generation.

These contests required them to show their creative dances and movements with McDonald’s foods. To reach a wider audience, McDonald’s Malaysia invited some of the popular local influencers as the pioneers to build hype around their followers.

This strategy proved to be a success as #BigMacTiktok Contest gained 16.2M views,
#RasaMcCafe Contest gained 14.4M views and #McDaebakChallenge Contest gained 14.8M

TikTok Content Ideas - 5 Malaysia Brands & Their TikTok Engagement Strategies 1
TikTok Content Ideas - 5 Malaysia Brands & Their TikTok Engagement Strategies 2
TikTok Content Ideas - 5 Malaysia Brands & Their TikTok Engagement Strategies 3

Shopee did a good example by showing us how memes can also be adapted to video format. They share a lot of meme videos on TikTok and they are absolutely addictive and entertaining to watch. Each of the meme videos garnered around 100 Likes.


Comment if your zodiac sign is mentioned 🤪 Betul ke tak betul?! 🤣 #shopeemy

♬ chúa tể mashup - Pu¡🌬

Punya benci lah dia dengan admin, dia buang nya kopi cinta kita tu kesingki aishhhhh #shopeeMY #funny #skit

♬ original sound - FARIZ GOMEN

No like really, admin also donnow where it goes *smirk* #shopeemy #meme #relatable

♬ original sound - tc

Furthermore, Shopee Malaysia has a regular #MYShopeeCheck series on TikTok; which they
share useful products on Shopee and test them through the first-person point of view. This is
definitely a smart strategy as TikTok users who watch the series will find the products interesting
and check them out on Shopee’s website.

When you check out the series, don’t forget to pay attention to the addictive “Shopee Check!”
jingle in the beginning.


This is so convenient! Perfect for people who like to eat alone in the car 😍 #ShopeeMY #myshopeecheck

♬ Touch Down To Cause Hell (KingMix) - Kingdanzz__

This transparent gel tape is so helpful in many ways. Can be used to hold on to many items and it’s very easy to use! 😍 #myshopeecheck #shopeemy

♬ الصوت الأصلي - lafai

This is better than a sponge! 🤣 It can easily wash off stains 😍 #shopeemy #myshopeecheck

♬ Touch Down To Cause Hell (KingMix) - Kingdanzz__

With 50.5M views on TikTok, #MYShopeeCheck is indeed a popular series which the audience enjoys watching.

TikTok Content Ideas - 5 Malaysia Brands & Their TikTok Engagement Strategies 4

Hard to imagine a healthcare brand on TikTok? What Colgate Malaysia does on TikTok will wow

Colgate Malaysia showed us how it can be more than just a “boring” oral care brand by having animated video series as the main direction of their TikTok content.

Upon tapping into its TikTok account, you will be greeted by its chubby little tooth characters.
These animated characters give off a refreshing look and feel to the brand. Leveraging their
cuteness to spread oral health knowledge definitely makes it more vibrant and memorable.


Colgate wishing you Happy Chinese New Year Gong Xi Fa Cai #SmileStrong2021 #colgate

♬ original sound - user3271990605760 - Colgate_Malaysia

This World Water Day, let’s make every drop of water count! Get more sustainability tips on our website.

♬ original sound - Colgate_Malaysia

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Sambutlah perayaan mulia ini dengan Colgate!

♬ original sound - Colgate_Malaysia

Besides, Colgate Malaysia has an interesting campaign called #LiveSustainablyWithColgate
with the purpose to promote a sustainable lifestyle by utilizing Colgate products.


Learn how to transform a toothpaste box into a cable organiser in this fun tutorial! #LiveSustainablyWithColgate #LearnOnTiktok #Craft#DIY#Colgate

♬ original sound - Colgate_Malaysia

The benefit of showing behind-the-scenes of your brand is that you allow your audience to peek
into your company culture and get a glimpse of a more real, authentic, personalized side of your team.

This enables your audience to see your brand’s human side and build trust with your brand. With stronger trust, you are able to engage with them better as well as persuading them to purchase your products or services.

Says, the local news and media company reveals the fun side of its team members by sharing
various challenge videos and behind-the-scenes on TikTok.

Their TikTok content is simple, entertaining and relatable, which is why it is not surprising that
they have 11.5M views for their videos.

TikTok Content Ideas - 5 Malaysia Brands & Their TikTok Engagement Strategies 5

TikTok is a platform where people learn quick tips and get inspiration for their daily lives.
The mobile service provider understands this and presents the potential of online learning
through its mobile plan by sharing inspirational and valuable videos with its audience.

Both #SeminitResipi Campaign and #DigiLetsInspire Campaign share videos that provide
informative content to the audience while featuring Digi as the reason that makes all learning opportunities possible.

#SeminitResipi Campaign successfully garnered 453.6K views while #DigiLetsInspire
Campaign gained 2.2M views. Tips and inspirational content might sound easy and
common, however Digi has proved to us that it is the most classic method that works the

TikTok Content Ideas - 5 Malaysia Brands & Their TikTok Engagement Strategies 6
TikTok Content Ideas - 5 Malaysia Brands & Their TikTok Engagement Strategies 7


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